Thursday, January 27, 2022

Ramotswa Land Board property attached

Deputy Sherriff Joseph Kokeletso has attached eight vehicles belonging to the Malete Land Board.
The vehicles were attached in order to recover P418, 157, an amount which the Land Board allegedly owes a company called Mogobane Food Enterprises.

Laone Serole, of Busang, Sebonego and Company, confirmed that their client was owed by the Malete Land Board and has, as a result of failure to pay by the Malete Land Board, a Court order authorized that property belonging to the Bamalete Land Board be attached.

“I confirm that we have sent Kokeletso to attach their property because they have failed to pay our clients ,” he said.

As of Friday midday he confirmed that they had not yet been paid. Serole then declined to comment further on the matter saying, ”That is all I can tell you on this matter at the moment.”

Despite Serole’s confirmation that Malete Land Board’s property had been attached due to their failure to pay the money they owed their client, Ramotswa Land Board Secretary, Focus Mmolawa, denied any knowledge of the Land Board’s cars having been attached.

“I know nothing about what you are talking about all our cars are here and not attached as we talk,” was the only response Mmolawa gave us.

Cars attached include, amongst others, a mini Mercedes Benz, Toyota Land Cruiser and Mazdas.

In the past, Kokeletso has attached Gaborone City Council vehicles following an order issued by the Lobatse High Court that the cars be attached because GCC was declining to pay Daisy Loo for its services.

The case is currently in the High Court on appeal after a Lower Court found that tender documents concerning the case were fraudulently made by, amongst others, GCC employees.


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