Sunday, June 16, 2024

Man demands P200 000 in damages for unlawful invasion of privacy

The story which was carried by the Voice newspaper about a woman cheating his husband several weeks ago has led to legal action against the Police as the man who was allegedly caught in the act is demanding P200 000 for invasion of privacy.

According to the applicant, William Molefe’s statutory notice, the Police forcibly entered his bedroom in the company of a photographer who took several pictures of him which were later published in the Voice newspaper.

His lawyer, Mishingo Jeremiah, of Mmohe Attorneys in Francistown, says that the actions of the Police Officers amount to an unlawful invasion of his client’s privacy.

He also states in the statutory notice that the Police were the leaders of a well planned scheme to invade his client’s privacy and humiliate him.

The Voice newspaper carried the story several weeks ago in which the applicant was allegedly found sleeping with a married woman in the house. According to the newspaper, the applicant was caught red handed and pictures of him and the naked woman were taken.

The husband of the woman had allegedly called the Police to the scene.

However, the applicant’s lawyer is also demanding answers as to what peace and order the officers were enforcing by breaking down his bedroom door in the company of professional photographers. He is also seeking to know if it is part of the Police Officers duties to monitor public morality and to facilitate the making of tabloid headlines.

“We have given them a statutory notice which is 30 days and if they do not respond we are going to launch a case against them,” the lawyer said to the Telegraph on Monday.

However, efforts to reach the Police’s Acting Public Relations Officer, Superintendent Near Bagali, to comment on the matter hit a snag as he was not in the office at the time of going to press.


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