Monday, December 5, 2022

Man flogged for stealing toiletry

A 28 year old man from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe was this Friday sentenced to four strokes by the Urban Customary President after he was found guilty of stealing toiletry at Middle Star Choppies in Gaborone.

Isaac Moyo pleaded guilty to the charges of theft common. He told the Urban Court that he stole six body lotions worth P204 at Chopppies and said he wanted to go and resell the stolen goods in Zimbabwe so that he could feed his wife and kid who he said are starving.

Constable Phirinyana of Central Police told the court that the accused was seen by Mpho Bodirilwe who is a shelf parker at Choppies.

The stolen goods were produced in court as evidence and they were later given back to the shop by the court.

Kgosi Monametsi told the court that he was not impressed by the fact that the accused came all the way from Zimbabwe to come and steal in Botswana.

Monametsi told the court that he is not happy with the way and rate at which Zimbabweans are committing crimes in Botswana.

The Zimbabwean man’s shot at mitigation landed him in more trouble when he told the court that he stole the goods because he wanted to go and feed his family.

Monametsi told him that he paid buses all the way from Zimbabwe to come and steal in Botswana when he could have used that money to feed his family.

He sentenced him to four strokes and promised a stiff punishment next time.


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