Monday, August 15, 2022

Manual workers endorse Duma Boko as BNF President

The National Amalgamated Workers Union has endorsed Duma Boko as President of the Botswana National Front ahead of the party’s congress in July.

“We unequivocally endorse Comrade Duma Boko as the most suitable person to be elected principal of the BNF; and thereafter work with political and civic leaders to lead the nation” read a statement from the union’s Administrative Officer Samuel Molaodi.

He hailed Boko as a champion of human rights who fought passionately to secure Batswana’s freedoms and human rights.

“Boko has been a lone voice in the fight for the rights of marginalised groups. He has fought against abuse of Presidential powers and for the labour movement” he said.

He added that Boko is a good friend of the labour movement, who understands that the strength of trade unions lies in their ability to influence change. He said Boko is a key ally of the workers who understands the issues they are confronted with everyday.

“The nation needs leaders like Boko, who can engage in intellectual discourse. Our democracy has no place for leaders who use internal party disciplinary mechanisms to stifle debate and to purge their critics. An anti-intellectual presidency has no place in a modern democracy,” said Molaodi.
He hailed Boko as a virtuous man who is also honest and selfless; attributes which he said are lacking in the current government.

“Boko can be trusted to speak passionately against corruption,” said Molaodi.
He said Boko will be able to court the opposition Botswana Movement for Democracy and the Botswana Congress Party, to explore avenues of a coalition.


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