Sunday, December 10, 2023

Mascom gets new CEO

Mascom Wireless has the new Chief Executive.
The 56 year old Jose Geraldes Gomes takes over from Jose Antonio Ferreira who has now joined MTC Namibia.

Jose Geraldes Gomes is an engineering graduate from the Institute of Superior Tecnico ÔÇô Lisbon where he graduated in 1974.

He has held a number of key positions with Portugal Telcom, which has a stake in Mascom.
He joined Portugal Telcom as Director and Senior Consultant for Africa Operations. He is also a Board Member of Meditelecom, a cellular operator in Morocco that runs a mobile phone company with over 4 million clients.

He joined Meditelecom in 2000 as Vice Chief Executive, assuming executive responsibilities in all aspects of the business such as Business and Product Development, Marketing, Commercial Sales, Client Management and retention.

An experienced engineer and administrator, Jose Geraldes Goes has conducted due diligences in Africa focusing on marketing and commercial Activities.

After more than four years of intense work that contributed to place Meditel as one of the most successful players in Africa (mobile and fixed) he left his executaive position but kept his position at the Board of Directors and Audit Committee.

Before his experience in Morocco, he had worked with PT Group and accumulated strong knowledge in almost all technologies and different telecommunications sectors.

He has been involved in the telecommunications regulatory environment.

Between 1997 and 1999 he was CEO of two paging companies; Telemensagem and Contactel, two companies that he fused and later incorporated into TMN.

Between 1984 and 1994 Jose Geraldes Gomes worked for TELEPAC, a data operator where as business director he was responsible for the launch of the first “commercial offer” of the internet in Portugal. He later expanded the service nationwide through a prepaid concept.

He has been a board member of Radiomovel, a trunking company that he helped to launch after lengthy and protracted negotiations with international partners.

Still within Portugal Telecom, Jose Geraldes Gomes has held the position of Central Director responsible for running the long distance infrastructure of the telco (national and international) and the process of digitalization of the transmission network.

He has been involved engineering and project division, maintenance division and operations.
He has represented PT in various capacities.


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