Monday, December 4, 2023

Masitaoka releases eight players

In what seems like a ditch of the previous team that won Masitaoka a status into the premier league, several players are reported to have been released from the team.

Eight players have been released, one retired whilst 3 have been loaned out.

The team’s communication and marketing manager Godfrey Ratlhaga said players have been released due to retirement, loans and technical reasons.

When asked if players who were released were happy with the management decision, Ratlhaga responded by saying: “As far as I know they are happy with the decision by the management.”

Ratlhaga said the players were not regulars in the first eleven squad although they all contributed immensely to the team. He said “All members of the squad were critical but only two were popular in most first 11’s than others,” he noted. 

Moreover, Ratlhaga added that this will not affect the team in any way. “This will not affect the team and it has not affected the team, it is the nature of football, we substitute,” he said.

When asked if fans are aware of such and how they feel towards the decision, Ratlhaga opined that as management they do what is best for the team. He said: “Fans are individuals with the right to express their feelings but I think they just miss football; it has been such a long time. However, their sole responsibility is always the same, to support the team.”

In terms of who the team is eyeing to bring in substitution, Ratlhaga said that the registration of players is not complete yet to share names adding that they will be loaned for a year, unless the technical group see otherwise, and it will be communicated to the public in due course.


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