Saturday, May 28, 2022

Mayor wants to contest for Gaborone North parliamentary seat

Gaborone City Council Mayor Haskins Nkayigwa has set his eyes on the Gaborone North constituency.

The Botswana Movement for Democracy councilor for Babusi ward in Gaborone South constituency has shifted political home to to do battle with likely heavy-weight candidates Keletso Rakhudu and Motsei Rapelana on a national level.

Rakhudu is the incumbent Member of Parliament for Gaborone North under the ruling Botswana Democratic Party ticket while Rapelana is expected to represent the opposition Botswana Congress Party.

In several national elections, Rapelana represented BCP, pulling a considerable vote.

Both parties still have to go through primary elections, with the touted three politicians expected to emerge victorious and lock horns during the national elections next year.

“Yes I can confirm to you I would like to represent the people of Gaborone North in these coming national elections. It is my conviction that the youth of this country have not been represented adequately at both the local and national level,” said Nkayigwa who says his stay at the Local Government has been a learning experience and would like to try something new and close to his heart – advocating for the youths’ interest and aspirations at a national level.

“My experience at Local Government has been a joke. We make a lot of noise for change but without any change of improvement for livelihoods of the people we represent,” he said, adding that as long as Local Government is under the influence of the central government, it will remain useless and irrelevant.

“I think it is time for the youths to be represented at a national level by a youth who is able to interact with them on a daily basis. I think will make a right choice to make the youths’ voices heard at national level,” Nkayigwa said.

He says that this is the time for a new dimension and thinking system propelled by the youths. He said that employment creation and sustainability demands such new traits and direction.

He cites garbage collection, which is a source of income to some people in other countries, including neighbouring South Africa.

“Right here, we sit on top of a resource which produces methane gas for households fuel,” Nkayigwa said.

He said Gaborone North is in a deplorable condition with stench not conducive for habitation because it lacks a robust representative.

Nkayigwa awaits the outcome of the primary elections which he believes he will win and proceed to face the fierce challenge against Rapelana and Rakhudu should they also emerge victors.

Nkayigwa has been associated with joining the corporate world, including securing a job with a local commercial bank.

But the former BDP Youth Secretary says his political life would be incomplete without representing the people of Botswana on a national level.

Nkayigwa will be representing BMD under Umbrella for Democratic Change ticket.


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