Thursday, May 30, 2024

ME TOO…..!

As I walked through the door of a handbag boutique at the Bus Station, two girls were ogling a designer handbag.

One was telling her friend how much she loved the handbag and the other responded by saying, “Me too!”

To me, what this meant is that they adored the same subject (handbag). Look, I am not trying to be difficult or something, but I am wondering if the same phrase can be used in the case of two people in love.

A guy tells the girlfriend that he loves her and she responds: “Me too”! Doesn’t the idea of the same subject fit her?

Let’s look at it again:

Guy: Baby, I really love you!
Girl: Me, too, babe!

The subject here is the girl, (the guy loves the girl), and by saying, “Me too”, the girl is referring to loving herself, not the guy.

Folks, let us be careful how we use ‘Me too’.

You would be surprised at how many people use the phrase when talking to their loved ones.

To some, like my other friend Mpho, it’s a lack of courage to tell the other plainly how much they feel about them, so “Me too” is used as a cover up, especially when one cannot work up enough courage to say “I love you” on their own and without being prompted.
I feel for you guys!

But, surprisingly, to my cheating brothers and sisters out there, “Me too” is not a courage booster but a scapegoat.

Picture this:
This particular guy/girl is with their ‘permanent one’, as they are referred to, and the “Small House” calls.
As the one-sided conversation comes to an end, the “Small House” says, “I love you,” then the response they get is, “Me too”.

But because they are clever when you confront them about the “me too” thing, you will be surprised at the response.
“That was my friend Tebogo,” they explain. “She was telling me about the top we saw yesterday at Milady’s that she wants to lay-bye. That’s why I said “me too’, meaning that I would also like to put it on lay bye.”
Bingo, they are off the hook!

So, watch out because, to me, the phrase is helpful but dangerous; it’s a tiger in silk pyjamas!


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