Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Mmakgodumo cultural festival on for December

Bathoen bird sanctuary under Bathoen trust will on December 13 hold a cultural event aiming to celebrate all cultural backgrounds in the Ngwaketse region.

The theme for this year’s event is “Ngwao yame mokgabo wame”.

The main aim of the Mmakgodumo cultural festival is to revive all cultural activities that seem to be slowly fading away in the Ngwaketse region. The festival will feature poko (poetry),setapa saga ngwaketse (traditional dance) polka (lobeko style), dikhwaere,dikgafela and many traditional games originating in the region.

Attendants will be spoiled with the opportunity to explore fishing in the Mmakgodumo dam and bird viewing. Some of rare bird species that can be sited are pelicans, bitterns, greber and other migratory ones. Apart from fishing and bird viewing attendants on the day will have choice to explore Pharing forestry, gorge, a cave for the brave hearts. All mentioned sites fall under the Bathoen bird sanctuary area all sites rich in history.

There will also be an explore Kanye walk (ga setlhong ga se huparelwe), covering 18 kilometres as a pre activity to the main Mmakgodumo cultural festival on the December 7.

The motive behind the walk will be to explore all historical sites around Kanye village. Starting point will be at Kgwakgwe hill at the old manganese mine to Pharing gorge via Lentswe la Serojana (where Bangwaketse under Kgosi Bathoen II fought Matebele),Kanye gorge ,Ramatea farm and many other sites. If you are willing to attend please bring water bottles, snacks and other walking necessities.

Bathoen trust is also glad to share that funds have already been sourced to develop the camp site and cultural village a tune of over half a million pula’s. The developments are expected to begin early next year with a mission of turning the Bird sanctuary area into historical site, tourism area of repute in the country.


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