Sunday, May 26, 2024

Mmammidi cooks up a new stall with P100

A savoury Saturday the weekend presented, as renowned traditional food cook Tshepiso Marumo, known as Mmammidi opened her second stall. 

The third junction from the Paul Rantau Road, which leads to Kubu road, is the path to Mmammidi’s newly opened stall in Block 8.

During the launch of her second stall, characterized by media presence and an aroma of traditional food, Marumo told the tale of her beginnings. “Mmammidi is the name I go by as many of you know. 

It’s a name I got after selling maize when I graduated from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology Botswana after studying my broadcasting and journalism,” she said. Marumo explained that she used to deliver maize in Gaborone’s offices, which made her different from the conventional maize seller in Botswana.

“This Mmammidi thing grew from just selling maize to venturing into traditional food,” Marumo explained. From preparing traditional meals strictly on Sundays to daily servings, Marumo said they devised the whole “Segarona Sundays” concept. 

“That was where we invited people from all corners of churches to come and eat with us,” she mentioned. That growth alone warranted that Mmammidi establishes a place of operation in Phase Two. This past Saturday, Mmammidi launched her second stall along Kubu road, which leads to Gaborone International Secondary School.

Elaborating on her menu of traditional food cuisines, Marumo said they sell a variety of Tswana food. “We have every meal you can think of that relates to Setswana and Botswana,” she said. From Mokwetjepe, Seswaa and Serobe to traditional chicken, Bogobe jwa Lerotse to Madombi, Mmammidi preserves Botswana’s tradition in her iconic dishes.

Bissau Gaobakwe of the Black Economic and Mental Revolution was to officially launch Mmammidi’s second stall. “Today we should have been launched by Rre Bissau as you know he one of the guys who go around supporting Batswana’s businesses,” Marumo said. “Due to unfortunate circumstances, he could not make it here today.”

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic and all its woes, Mmammadi managed to expand her traditional food business. How Marumo advertises and markets her business, she said it’s because of the journalism degree she holds. “I diverted what I have learned into something that is currently benefitting me and seven families. It all starts with a change of mindset. People need to start seeing money in everything,” she advised.

Marumo’s achievements are all kudos to her, for she hasn’t benefitted from any initiatives or schemes that support businesses like hers. “I started with the little that I had. Back then one maize cob costed P3.00. I started with 30 cobs, which earned me P100,” she said. “You can imagine, buying something for P3 and getting P7 profit, eventually it grows. I’ve never had any source of funding. No one has donated anything to me,” she added. Social media advertising has worked for me.

“I have added biltong, ginger and branded water to the Mmammidi brand. In future you will be seeing more of these packaged products, like samp and maize meal whilst still maintaining the concept of traditional foods,” Marumo announced.


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