Friday, June 21, 2024

Mojaki accused of stripping Zebras opportunity to shine

The Botswana Football Association general manager, Monnakgotla Mojaki is alleged to be an obstacle to the Zebras performance.

This is according to a complaint letter by Keitumetse Pio Paul written to senior national team head coach Adel Amrouche. The Under 20 coach in suggest that t Mr. Mojaki has a negative agenda to make sure that Amrouche do not achieve his mandate and Mr. Mojaki should not continue with this role.

“I am writing this letter to you to make you aware of Team General Manager, Mr. Monnakgotla Mojaki’s couple of disturbing, disrespectful, frustrating, attacking, immodest behaviour and incidents that have occurred time and again in your absence or behind your back over the year that I have worked closely with you” Paul stated in his letter reporting letter.

Monnakgotla Mojaki

According to the complaint Mojaki’s behavoiur is unwanted.

The outspoken Paul believes: “Mr. Mojaki is not good for you as well as the team as his management skills have been found wanting, most recently there has been an issue of the Women Senior National Team clashing with the Men Senior National team at the training ground as there is no proper scheduling of facilities. Poor communication is also another element that brings so much confusion and frustration from Mr. Mojaki” he observed.

“His behaviour has been causing so much disrupt, dividing and creating so much animosity within the team and the Association at large. Mr. Mojaki has innumerable times caused disturbance due to his interference on technical matters. And as an employee of this esteemed Association, I do understand suggestions do play a vital role in key developments, but Mr. Mojaki’s self-centred approach in decision making over rules what you, Mr. Amrouche usually recommend – Mr. Mojaki on many occasions would say that you think Botswana is Europe,” Paul narrated his concerns.

Pio also suggests that Mojaki causes a rift between national team and clubs. Another incident that usually comes up whenever preparations for camp starts is that of a rift created by Mr. Mojaki and Clubs, Mr. Mojaki creates an impression with clubs that you are a bad person who is difficult and does not listen.

He also accused Mojaki of being racist.

Keitumetse Pio Paul

“The most disturbing issue is that he always brings up the issue of race – that you are white and that you are not a Motswana. This is not good because it is a form of racism – which totally unacceptable in football. Mr. Mojaki brought up another issue that you cannot bring a physical trainer who does not have a work permit to Botswana. While on the same issue Mr. Mojaki was happy that you were stuck in Belgium and he wished you could continue struggling to come back, and he said he wished that you would be quarantined for longer period when you arrive in Botswana so that you do not access to the team. Before this Mr. Mojaki confidently and disrespectfully mentioned that you will watch the Botswana matches against Zambia on TV.”

The former Township Rollers player, Paul told Zebras coach that Mojaki has never taken him seriously.

Zebras is in camp preparing for the upcoming regional COSAFA tournament.


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