Thursday, February 29, 2024

Mollz and Kellz: The inspirational twins

Botswana’s famous twins Molly and Kelly Malomo who were once homeless have lived up to a Setswana adage “ere go tlogelwa tsatsing, se ikise meriting” which simply means that “one has to lift themselves up from hardship by making an effort.” 

The duo has managed to rise above the tide and conquered the odds to becoming a household name.
The identical twins became homeless after losing both of their parents and were raised in a foster care home; Masiela Trust Fund in Gaborone.

The twins who hail from Serowe village have come up with a brand MOLLZ AND KELLZ inspired by their background and love for business. Molls and Kells brand focuses on different facets that encompass everything from personal to business endeavors.
In an interview with Arts & Society, Molls and Kellz explained that they are not just focused on one thing but rather on different life aspects from fashion design under their brand Mollz and Kellz, to bottled still water.

“We all share a similar passion and this has made it easier for us to work together as a team. We believe that everything is possible to achieve as long as one believes in themselves,” said Molly as she chuckled shyly.

Apart from business the twins have published a book titled, ‘brought up just right’. It is a compilation of their life story aimed at helping, inspiring, motivating and giving hope to the hopeless. The twins are rather jack of all traits, as they are also motivational speakers who go around motivating youth in schools and in social media platforms. To put the cherry on top, they have two singles released from their album called “Brought up just right” and they are profound poets.

“In acquiring everything you want, sometimes it can be very difficult especially when you rely on yourself for everything and that on its own is a challenge”, said Kelly.
Adding to what her twin had said, Molly said, ‘at times you just have to push regardless of how much failure you encounter as a person. Just focus on attaining your goal that and you will ultimately achieve it’.

The twins are all Christians and believe that God is the center of it all, regardless of the adversities that one is faced with. They believe where there is a will there is a way.


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