Thursday, November 30, 2023

Monsieur – The modern motswana man’s fashion whisperer

If we are to imagine the quintessential modern Motswana man, we must firstly start with his sense of style.  It is usually a man who carries himself in trimmed fashion, has a polished air to his walk and certainly a man who commands the attention of any room he enters. This is the man that local fashion store – Monsieur – hopes to bring into existence. In this quest, the store’s current collection offers an assortment of clothing made to adorn the ‘perfect gentleman’.

Grooming is unsurprisingly popular amongst men in these modern times, and Monsieur’s decade long journey in Botswana has closed a gap for those who want to bring out their gentleman flair. While grooming used to be about how you wear your moustache and a refined taste in hairstyles, it is now accentuated through every seam and stitch a man wears. There are a handful of brands that men grow up admiring, and thankfully because of Monsieur, they do not have to travel far to wear their favourite clothing labels. Wherever a man might be in his life journey, fashion becomes a tool that best expresses his edge. Proving that elegance does not have to be stiffness in the name of masculinity, the store has a subtle impression that “it’s not just shopping, it is an experience”.

They have a tailored customer service, aesthetic and product range to give gentlemen a memorable time while he looks for his best fits. Understanding that men also want to enjoy shopping, be valued, to look and feel good, Monsieur offers just that. The moment you walk in to the store, you are attended to by a trained team of stylists who give tips on various touches of style. That’s right- a shopping stylist! Because a gentleman must be original in his taste, Monsieur’s personalized experience tries to match this principle. With their contemporary cuts and a versatile range, Monsieur’s reasonably priced collection pulls together a mix of established brands and some emerging favourites.

Offering formal wear, casual wear, ceremonial and even sleepwear, their range is for all occasions. From crisply cut three piece suits, lightweight flax cotton fibre t-shirts to premium accessories, internationally adored brands such as Gant, Hackett London, Calvin Klein, Morven and others can be found on the shelves.

As we transition from the winter season to the vibrant summer, they also have breathable and comfortable wear that comes in an assortment of colours for a relaxed fit. Chinos, polo shirts, airy cotton sweaters and linen suits are just some items that are available in the collection. Limited luxury accessories such as premium watches and sunglasses can also paired with outfits chosen.

Inspired by the adage that ‘a gentleman is as good as his best suit’, the store also has an in-house resizing service through which clothes can be tailored to the exact fitting. Expertly crafted clothing is more than just a business to Monsieur, it is also how they give men an experience that demystifies the assumption that being fashionable is just for women – that it is okay for a man to take care of himself and be the best version of himself. For anyone who walks into the Monsieur store, expect a royal treatment from the moment you walk into the store to when you leave.

The shopping experience is not just exclusive for men, as women can also enjoy their unisex clothing or buy gift vouchers for their loved ones. Monsieur’s offering also extends to corporate clothing and gifting. Their new range will be launching soon. In a world where style is also your signature, Monsieur is redefining what the modern Motswana man ought to look like as he conquers his ambitions. The store is located at Airport Junction Mall, shop unit 204A.


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