Sunday, August 7, 2022

Mosinyi lashes at Mogae for going back on a promise

A founding member of the ruling Botswana Democratic Party, Goareng Mosinyi says President Mogae has reneged on a promise he made to the people of Kalamare that government would construct a direct road linking Kalamare and Mahalapye in the Central District Council.

Mosinyi, who is also the founding Member of Parliament for Shoshong constituency, told a Kgotla meeting addressed by current Member of Parliament, Duke Lefhoko, that more than the fact that Mogae back-tracked on a promise, he is saddened by the fact that government is now using their media to spread “lies” that the residents are party to the subsequent decision to construct a meandering road that passes through other neighbouring villages before getting to Kalamare.
“The president came here and promised us that we will get a straight road linking us to Mahalapye. He even said that he personally does not approve of meandering roads,” said Mosinyi. “It would have been better if he had come back to us if he had changed his mind.”

Mosinyi took personal exception with the fact that after changing their promise, the government now turns to their media to tell the country that people of Kalamare are party to the change of mind.
“That is very unfair. We all know what a powerful tool of medium a radio is, and for the government to use it to spread lies is utterly unfair,” said the obviously annoyed old man.

At the meeting, scores of unemployed youthful residents of Kalamare were further disappointed after the Roads Department officials told the meeting that the main camp of the road contractors will be at Mahalapye.

They had hoped the camp would be in their village, as that would offer them employment opportunities.

Unemployment in Kalamare is very high, as there is no form of economic activity in the village, which is just over forty kilometers west of Mahalapye.
Member of Parliament Duke Lefhoko, who was also disappointed at the news, said he would explore all avenues to ensure that Kalamare residents benefited by way of employment during the construction of the road.

He said it is only in Botswana where citizen economic empowerment is not taken seriously.
Lefhoko promised to take the issue to parliament.
On another matter, Lefhoko spoke about the Security and Intelligence Bill, which was brought before parliament in the last session.

He said although he did not get a chance to speak, his take is that the proposed law was too important to be rushed through.

He said the general feeling among Members was that there should be a guarantee that the law would not be used against political opponents.
“We want an assurance that the law will not be abused,” he said.


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