Sunday, May 22, 2022

Pheko back at BOCRA and on top

After just one month of unemployment, Thari Pheko has made a triumphant return to the Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA) in his previous position as Chief Executive Officer. While the situation at BOCRA might have got back to normal, it was preceded by what now appears to be an abnormal process to replace him that played itself out over a month.

After working for BOCRA for eight years, Pheko’s contract expired in December last year and he was not successful in having it renewed. A process was then set in train to replace him. The CEO post was advertised internally and after the screening, Tshoganetso Kepaletswe, the Deputy CEO responsible for regulatory affairs and Noble Katse, the Director for Business Development were shortlisted. Kepaletswe was Acting CEO for the whole of January and would naturally have been looking forward to taking the post on a substantive basis.

Sunday Standard learns that while the two CEO candidates had not yet been interviewed by the board, they had actually gone for psychometric tests which were administered by HRMC, a human resources consultancy based in Gaborone. However and to everyone’s surprise, the recruitment process was dramatically reversed at the beginning of this month when Pheko showed up to resume his old post. Our information is that he is on a two-year contract and the process to replace him has been abandoned.

All the chairperson of the BOCRA board, Dr. Masego Mpotokwane, would say when asked why Pheko’s contract was not renewed only for him to be brought back after just one month, was to refer us to the Minister of Transport and Communications, Tshenolo Mabeo. Mpotokwane explained that in terms of the act of parliament that establishes BOCRA, the minister is the one who appoints the CEO.┬á We could not establish contact with the minister whose cellphone was off-air at the time we called it.


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