Saturday, January 16, 2021

Motswana comes up with house “that thinks for itself”

Yet another young Botswana citizen has moved the country to another level in advanced technology, where he adapted potent solutions to help in the series of power cuts for his clients. He has created a masterpiece of work for busy people to be relieved of their everyday house-hold commitments.

Mike Delport is managing director and founder of Automatic Intelligence, a Botswana-based company that offers Batswana the ultimate automation solution, where high-class security and comfortability is the norm.

Perhaps the most important and interesting offer from them is their power saving plan as they can wirelessly control their clients’ circuits.

One such example is the automatic control that operates the geyser; the process involves the geyser being set to switch on for two or less hours in the morning depending on how long the water takes to heat up.

After the specified time, the geyser switches off and electricity is saved during the day, up until late afternoon when it automatically switches itself on, again there is a specified period of time it should remain on.
All one needs is a small generator that could help one save on diesel costs and the generator itself.

With proper consent from the Botswana Power Corporation (BPC), a sensor is fixed onto the power lines and when power drops the sensor issues commands to bring the standardized power back only when it’s stable.

This is to ensure that the electricity being applied to essential loads and the normal one from BPC do not connect as this would cause a power surge that would cause the electricity to trip.

Another very useful application of this wireless switching technology is the companies wireless load management products which enable a given client to separate their non essential loads from their electrical circuits the second that there is a power failure. Which means that you can save money on your generator purchase and also on the running costs of the generator because you only need to power your essential loads and not your entire building. Because they can switch loads wirelessly the cost of the generator installation is also reduced greatly because you don’t have to rewire your building. The benefits extend beyond cost saving though, because your loads are automatically separated from your electrical circuits they are protected from the initial surge associated with the power being switched back on and will only be phased back in when the power is again stable. Installing such a system also adds functionality to your property because the controlled loads can now be switched from a variety of interfaces even when there are no power problems.

These brilliant inventions come at a time when the country has been savaged by power cuts, disrupting small business operations and holding up house hold activities.
The best part, however, is that the controls are wireless.

In an exclusive interview with The Sunday Standard, Delport disclosed his personal information and how he came to be the genius he is.

Delport grew up in Orapa where he attended his primary school at Livingstone House.
He then went to Pretoria High School after which he studied system engineering in Cape Town.

Delport then briefly worked in the Cape area as a system administrator before deciding to come and work in Botswana.
Upon reaching his country of birth, Delport worked for Signant Services in its technical department for over two years, then he joined the Information Technology (IT) of Kingsley and Associates Group.

A year and a half ago, the impressive young man started his own company, Automatic Intelligence and, as sheer brilliance would have it, he is running two companies.

The other services offered by the company are equally impressive as they also offer wireless control of different systems, such as the lights in and outside the house.

In security services, they offer programmed alarms, CCTV, and they control even irrigation.
On power saving, the motion sensors switch off the light when no one is within sights and only switches them on when they detect presence.

“Imagine a house that thinks for itself,” they say in one of their pamphlets. “When you leave in the morning, you press one button that arms the alarm, switches all lights off, schedules pool and irrigation operations, sms’s you when someone opens the pool gate.

When you get home, press one button and the alarm disarms, lighting comes on gradually as it gets dark, curtains close, your favorite music starts playing.
When you go to bed: press the ‘sleep’ button and all the lights that must go off go off: all security that must be armed is armed.

Should an intruder climb over your wall; beams detect him, irrigation and lighting in the area is turned on and every light in your house starts flashing.”

Mike Delport is at Plot 163/4, GICP at Market Gardens, Unit 2. Their telephone is 3902323.


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