Friday, December 1, 2023

Munitenge Liswaani Sinvula III’s visit to Rakops

The Veekuhane (Basubiya) history will be re-written when the Basubiya Kgosi Kgolo in Botswana Munitenge Lawrence Liswaani Sinvula Ill visits the Veekuhane tribe residing in Rakops and surrounding villages from 15th – 18th July 2022. The purpose of Munitenge Lawrence Liswaani Sinvula III’s visit is TO: 

1. Re-integrate Veekuhane tribe in Boteti and Chobe 2. Engage with Veekuhane of Boteti at the Samoaba kgotla in Rakops 3. Promote and resuscitate the Subiya Culture 4. Visit the grave of MUNITENGE NKONKWENA LISWAANI II who was buried in Rakops around 

the 1800’s 

Munitenge Lawrence Liswaani Sinvula III was installed as Kgosikgolo of the Basubiya (Veekuhane) Tribe in Botswana on the 11th December 2021 at the Kavimba kgotla , an event which marked another milestone in the fulfilment of a long standing royalty succession tradition and practice of the Veekuhane Tribe since time in immemorial. He was succeeding and bringing to an end a 53 year Chieftaincy of his father Munitenge Moffat Maiba II Sinvula who was enthroned at the same venue in 1969. 

Kavimba is in the Chobe District where the Vekuhane Tribe is predominantly found. Around 1876 some Basubiya under the leadership of Munitenge (Kgosi Kgolo) Nkonkwena Liswaani II fled the Kololo invasion from Impalila Islands in the Caprivi Strip and settled at Tsienyane (Rakops) in the Boteti Sub District. Munitenge Nkonkwena Liswaane II would later die and buried at Tsibogo la Tsienyane in Rakops. 

It is for this reason that today the Basubiya are among the many tribes found in Rakops and surrounding villages of Mmadikola, Khumaga, Moreomaoto, Phuduhudu and Makalamabedi where subiya family names like Nsundano, Munyanya, Muhinda,Sangwende, Samoaba, Mbukusa, Sinvula, Chombo, Sinte Marumbonyane, Moyoba, Semoanza, Ntwala, Nakwezi and many others remain prominent. 

Munitenge Lawrence Liswaani Sinvula III will not only be accompanied by his own father Munitenge Moffat Maiba II Sinvula but also over a 100 members of the Veekuhane Tribe from Itenge (Chobe) with a shared ancestry while multitudes are expected to throng this momentous and very emotional event in Rakops. The historic event will not only provide the public the opportunity to learn about both the Subiya History and Royal Lineage but also see the two groups showcasing culture through Chiperu and Sesasaore Ensembles. Preparations for the earthshaking event are currently going well despite challenges with attracting sponsors. Below is the account details for those who may be willing to assist: 




By Kabelo Kgakololo (Organizing Committee Chairman +267 75566177 /72676075 [email protected] Ku tendinsana Kwa Vekuhane 


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