Sunday, April 21, 2024

New twist in BBS saga as MD, Board secretary are interdicted by High Court

The High Court in Gaborone has issued a rule nisi in a case involving the BBS board and executive management.

The Board had approached the High Court seeking a temporary restraining order.

This was after the Managing Director had denied the Board entrance into the BBS premises.

Pius Molefe and Sipho Showa who are Managing director and Board secretary respectively have been interdicted and restricted from purporting to act on behalf of BBS.

Justice T Tau has also ruled that Molefe and Showa should forthwith cease to act on behalf of BBS on all matters. This means that they should not enter into any transaction on behalf of BBS.

They have also been instructed to stop publishing any statements or any financials on behalf of BBS.

Both Molefe and Showa have been instructed to stop accessing or attempting to access the BBS premises.

They have also been interdicted and restrained from making use of any property or equipment owned by BBS.

They should also not enter into contracts on behalf of BBS.

They should not “interfere in any manner with the operations of the applicant or of its board of directors or of its employees.”

The judge has said that both Molefe and Showa should also not operate or access the BBS bank accounts or be signatories to any such bank accounts.

They have been instructed not to terminate contracts of any of the BBS employees, including the board.

Any decisions taken by Molefe and Showa after the Board dismissed them on April 5th have been set aside.

Both Molefe and Showa have been instructed to return any and all property of BBS, the High Court judge has ruled.


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