Sunday, June 16, 2024

Notorious escapee’s cases to be heard in one courtroom

The Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) says cases against one of Botswana’s most dangerous criminals will be tried in one court because he poses a serious security risk when transported from one court to another.

The DPP is considering trying Botsi Kefitile, described as ‘most dangerous criminal’, in one court because of his history of escaping from lawful custody frequently.

On Wednesday, he appeared briefly before the Extension 2 Magistrate Court to answer to a single count of escaping from lawful custody.

Kefitile escaped from wardens at Dibete Police Station on March 4th as he was being transported to Serowe for a court appearance.

Case prosecutor, Thato Dibeela of DPP, told the court that they have both agreed with the suspect that his cases of escaping should be combined together and made into one case to be tried in Gaborone.

Dibeela said that Kefitile has another pending case of escaping at the Broadhurst magistrate court sometime ago.

Kefitile told the court that he is tired of escaping and said that he was now a changed new person.
He pleaded guilty to both counts of escaping and was found guilty by the court.

In a brief interview with Sunday Standard, Kefitile explained how he escaped from Dibete police station.

He said it took him two days of walking to arrive in Gaborone from Dibete and claimed that the police told the public lies that he was arrested in Ramotswa.

“It is not true that I was arrested in Ramotswa,” Kefitile said. “The truth of the matter is that I was arrested in Moshaneng in South Africa where I thought that nobody would notice me.

Unfortunately, I was arrested and handed to the Botswana Police by the South African police.”

Kefitile said that after he escaped from the Dibete police station, he took cover under a tree near the police station but both the police and the members of the Botswana Defence Force failed to notice him.

He said that three helicopters were put in use to try and find him.
Although he kept on laughing and reluctant to continue with the interview, Kefitile described the police security as “very weak”.

He stated that he wants to become a changed person so that he can serve and finish his long prison sentences.

Kefitile is expected to appear in court again on the 5th of next month when another new case of armed robbery is also expected to be registered against him by Ramotswa police.


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