Friday, September 25, 2020

Ntime behaves like an uncivilized ex-girlfriend

Ever since he joined the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) some two weeks ago, Kagiso Ntime has been all over the place discrediting not only his former party, the BNF, but the entire opposition.

Watching him on Btv, listening to him on radio stations and reading his interviews on newspapers, I have come to a conclusion Ntime is not at peace with himself. He needs counseling.

His behavior can only be likened to that of an uncivilized and bitter ex-lover. I know of stories of ex-lovers who never miss the opportunity to speak bad about their former lovers. I have heard some women, after being dumped by their boyfriends, going around telling everyone who cares to listen of how they have improved the lifestyles of their former lovers. Stories like, “I found him with tattered underwear and I bought him new ones” are common amongst dumped, bitter ex-girlfriends. You see there is only one way to tell if your ex-lover is happy, content, civilized and ready to move on without you. An ex-lover who is civilized and not bitter would never speak evil about you, especially in public, even if the breakup was hurtful. A civilized ex-lover would rather thank you for the time you spent together and wish you well in your future endeavors. A civilized ex-lover will always find polite words to describe you. A civilized ex-lover knows that by telling people how stupid and useless you are yet she has been dating you for so many years only reflects the extent of her stupidity. Only a stupid person can date a stupid person for fifteen years. Only uncivilized ex-lovers behave the way Ntime does. He says the opposition has leadership vacuum. He feels they are dunderheads. It surprises me that it took Ntime so many years to realize all this time he was in the company of dunderheads.

I watched as Ntime made a cartoon of himself on Btv, in the company of BDP top brass. There is one thing Ntime fails to understand. The BDP was only fooling him into believing they regard him as so important to their party. Deep down their hearts, the BDP is laughing at Ntime and not with Ntime. I don’t think the BDP leadership is so stupid to enjoy the nasty comments from Ntime about his former leaders. The BDP should accept Ntime in their party with a pinch of salt. I mean, what guarantee do the BDP have that Ntime will not behave like an uncivilized ex-lover should he someday decide to leave them? As a new lover, you need to be worried when your new partner spends lot of time churning out bad things about his or her ex-lover.

I laughed a lot when Ntime said he joins the BDP to come and help its leadership to execute their mandate. He says he wants to be instrumental in developing BDP policies. He says he is against some of the BDP policies and as such he is going to make the BDP change them. I just thought to myself, this guy takes himself shamefully serious. He is dangerously ambitious. I mean, if BDP veterans like Daniel Kwelagobe no longer have a say on how the party should be run, who is Kagiso to influence decision making in Khama’s BDP. The fact that Ntime fancies the same hairstyle with Khama doesn’t make them equals. Ntime has to know that. I can bet my last Thebe that Ntime will soon be thrown into political oblivion. His two minutes of fame is over. There are a lot of people in the BDP who are scrambling for Khama’s recognition and I don’t see how Ntime will be able to just arrive today and be a hero at the BDP the next day. Ntime should know what happened to Robert Molefhabangwe. Once a vibrant politician at the BNF, his political relevance evaporated immediately he joined the BDP. Now imagine if such a tried and tested politician like Molefhabangwe can be ignored by the BDP after offering him the same two minutes of fame, why should we expect different treatment for Ntime. All Ntime needed to do was join the BDP and stop making noise and giving lame excuses about his move. It his constitutional right to associate with a political party of his choice.

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