Friday, August 12, 2022

Ntime senior supports Ntime junior’s move to BDP

Botswana National Front (BNF) activist Lemogang Ntime says the recent defection of his son, former BNF Youth President Kagiso Ntime, to join the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) is a good decision as the BNF leadership is no longer principled and has factions.

Ntime senior told Sunday Standard that Kagiso consulted the entire family and ward members before taking the decision. He said Duma Boko’s leadership of the BNF will lead to a lot of members defecting from the party as his decisions are not diplomatic.

According Ntime, Kagiso thought of joining Botswana Congress Party but decided to join BDP because it is not involved in the umbrella negotiation talks. Furthermore, Ntime said BNF does not have umbrella in its constitution and added that it will never work for any political party.

“BNF is now irrelevant and principled people are leaving it because of Boko’s leadership which punishes people based on the faction they belong to and that’s kangaroo court,” said Ntime.

He said his son was born and bred in the BNF and said that BDP is the only second party he joined in his political career. He stated that he observed that there is massive progress in BDP and BCP. Ntime said he was not yet ready to discuss his political movement matters at that moment. He stated that he will be in a position to discuss the matter sometime as time goes on. He, however, did not confirm or deny his decision to defect to the BDP, stating that his son has started consulting his ward about his defecting and added that the decision he took will also build his political career for the better at the BDP.

“BNF does not deliver its mandate and its policies; the leadership is doing what is suitable for them and they are selling the party. This is a revolutionary political party with good policies and BDP is now implementing our policies,” he explained.

He said that they are happy as the Ntime family and welcome the decisions Kagiso took to join BDP as he will positively be influential on the party matters. He also predicted that the BNF will go through a split soon, loosing key members because of what he said is running the party as a family business.

Over and above that, Ntime praised the BDP for pursuing pro-poor policies it usurped from the complacent BNF.


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