Thursday, June 13, 2024

Ntlo Ya Dikgosi receive new Ipads

In a bid to move towards paperless function, the ‘Ntlo ya Dikgosi’ (House of chiefs) have been given Ipads in order for them to receive order papers and other information generated in the chamber electronically.

The Ntlo ya Dikgosi’  is an assembly of traditional leaders, ex-officio and elected members who give advice to parliament on matters of a customary nature. On Monday, Ntlo Ya Dikgosi Chairperson, Kgosi  Puso Gaborone described the move as a ‘milestone development’. “I would like to inform the media about this milestone development. Marara ba kgabile ka di-Ipad. Right now Dikgosi too can access the order papers by means of communication online using their new gadgets. They can also access other information by the use of e-mail and are now open to a whole new world of information from the World Wide Web also known as the internet which is convenient for research communication and the overall enhancement of general knowledge,” the elated Gaborone revealed.

He further said this is an indication that they are not stagnant, but are moving with the times. “We know how to press the devices and research like others. This is milestone development which should be applauded,” Gaborone noted. The service was initially extended to Members of Parliament, only for the Government to do the same for the traditional leadership.

Despite the half-free cars and drinks as well as the free iPads and housing, Botswana MPs are among the least well-taken-care-of on the continent and in the Commonwealth. While a study by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) in the British House of Commons found that four out of five of the highest paid MPs in the world are African, Botswana’s are not on that list. The Top Five list is made up of Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Indonesia and South Africa.   


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