Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Ntuane calls for provision of condoms in prisons

Specially Elected Member of Parliament Botsalo Ntuane has called on government to move with the times and start providing condoms inside prisons.

Debating an amendment to the Prisons Act in parliament Ntuane said the reality is that there are incidents of homosexuality going on inside parliament, and said its only reasonable for government to accept such reality.

He said pretending that no sexual intercourse takes place inside prison only exposes inmates to incidents of unprotected sex and HIV/AIDS.

He said government has to be more liberal and do what other countries in the region are doing.

Ntuane who was part of a parliamentary law reform committee that recently toured the region to compare notes, said for many countries the practice is that even when sex is not actively condoned in prisons, because it happens anyway, government cater for such acts by providing free condoms.

He gave the example of Lesotho, which he said legally prohibits homosexuality, but still provides for condoms because there is realization that law notwithstanding, same sex intercourse goes on anyway inside prison.

Ntuane who told parliament he had friends who are homosexual said its time the rigid stance by government to “sodomy” is relaxed.

“We cannot pretend there is no sex going on inside prison. What we should be doping is to place condoms where they will be accessible to prisoners,” he said.


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