Friday, September 18, 2020

“Hail the King Loose Canon”

Dear Editor, Although The Sunday Standard could improve its spelling checks it is a good newspaper that I always look forward to reading on Sunday mornings.

By far, my favourite column is Loose Canon.
My Sundays would be empty without the wicked humour, sharp insight into the human condition and the delightful prose of Loose Canon.

I read the column “Jacob Zuma will sort out white people.”

To me it was Loose Canon in top form and in his element.

As an avid reader of the column, I know Loose Canon lampoons Christians, Muslims, blacks, whites, Indians, women, orphans, Robert Mugabe and everybody else.

He pokes fun at just about everybody under the sun.

The letters to the editor which appeared in the October 29 edition were evidently written by people who are not regular readers of the column. Since they are so ultra sensitive they are best advised to stay away from the page that carries Loose Canon. 

I say keep it up Loose Canon. Give us more of the same.

You make my Sunday mornings. Hail King Loose Canon.  


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