Saturday, December 3, 2022

“Leave Loose Canon alone”

Dear Editor, Reference is made to the previous issue of The Sunday Standard where several people castigated Loose Canon and went to the extent of giving him mean names.

The thing is: some people choose to ignore reality, and when courageous people like Loose Canon write reality, it is regarded as peccadillo.

Loose Canon is a critical thinker who writes about matters beyond our thinking capacities or about the things we take for granted.

Offensive things like “Loose Canon is a sexist” were written to my dear friend with whom our relationship dates from as far back as the days of once upon a time. A man who can write and support the fact that we all love sex is a true warrior to me, and not a rapist like some think.

That is the nitty-gritty of life and none can deny that. If there is anyone who hates sex, please write to the editor; give your full names and my brother Loose Canon may write a letter of apology to you.

He also wrote, “To every Blackman, every white woman is beautiful”, wasn’t this sexist? Or it is only sexist if it doesn’t favour a certain race?

Then another reader said that Loose Canon is a racist. Why do we label him a racist only when he writes about things that somehow disadvantage the whites?

For a very long time he used to eulogise, praising whites as people of good principles and decency.
Jaanong he is bad when he tilts the scale to even the scores.

If you remember clearly, he even praised Mr. Secretary General of the United Nations himself for marrying a white woman whom he said probably whispers to her husband, telling him how to behave before other people especially the publics.

No one made a fuss about this, including people from the white ethnic group. Since there seems to be balance, I would say “my friend in need” is vindicated because he hits both blacks and whites.

This makes him green!

Before I sum up, I want to highlight the fact that this column is totally not a news item.

It should not and will not make any harm to the reputation and sales of the paper.

Just like anyone who practices freedom of press, Canon has a right to publish his opinions. As a matter of fact, I buy The Sunday Standard to read Loose Canon together with other things in the paper. I apologize if I have offended some people in this article, but I rate Loose Canon and ke batla go mo fa kgomo.


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