Tuesday, April 20, 2021

“Lucky” street vendor wakes up to a nightmare

A Gaborone street vendor thought his dream had finally come true when he found himself with an order to supply S.O.S children’s village with 40 belts and 40 winter gloves, but before he could cash in on the windfall, the dream had turned into a nightmare.

Moagi Seleke, who sells belts in Gaborone, could not believe his luck when a stranger, who claimed to be working for S.O.S Children village, approached him with an invitation to supply the organization with the consignment worth thousands of Pula.

The stranger, Bennedict Nlondiwa, told Seleke to pay a P120 tender fee before an order could be made out to him.

When Seleke phoned Nlodiwa a few days later to enquire about the order, he was asked to wait until the next day.

State Prosecutor from the Central Police Station, Constable Phirinyana, told the Urban Customary Court that the following day the accused approached Seleke and told him that he had to go to the bank to cash P2000 to pay for the consignment. He then asked Seleke to loan him P30 for a taxi fair.

When the duo arrived at the bank Nlodiwa disappeared inside and later came back claiming that the bank would not give him his money. When Nlodiwa started coming up with one story after another, Moagi decided to report him to the police.

Urban Customary Court Deputy President, Kgosimotse Sebele, this week sentenced Nlodiwa to a one year jail term saying the accused was a criminal who had taken time to carefully plan the crime.


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