Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Slumber wakes up to taunt opponents

KANG: Unlike the quiet man he is known to be, the ruling party chairman, Slumber Tsogwane was wide awake when he took the podium to officially open the national council yesterday by taunting Samson Guma Moyo and others who have been alleging oppression under the new administration.

“I am grateful to God that the congress ran very smoothly to usher us with a new dawn of a Moses that will lead this party to a resounding victory, come October ÔÇô we need to improve our popular vote from the dismal 47 percent. This congress was peaceful not just for those in Kang but even those across the country who have been asking us not to misplace their trust by voting wrongly. This race was unprecedented but the nation has spoken in this watershed season. This party which has a long tradition of conducting its affairs without any noise experienced a tumultuous season. Even those who fled alleging harassment and oppression, they did so knowing that they fled from harmony and tranquillity. This tent does not have barbed wire or walls and no one can conduct elections in such a venue if at all there is any of what is being alleged,” Tsogwane jabbed Guma.

He asked BDP members to learn from this year’s presidential race and never repeat the mistake. He advised that the party must calculate right to determine if the timing is perfect for divisions within the party at a critical time as the year of general elections.

“These divisions are uncalled for and we must rise above the differences as a united party after Kang. Until now, we have never experienced this as a party. But it has been great in that our leader has not shied away from competition and steadily told us that whoever emerged the victor, he was prepared to support and work for the party. Our president neither believes in complacency nor in comfort zone ÔÇô the man always embraces new challenges as they come our way. Here is a man who has pledged to transform our resource-based economy to a knowledge-based one,” he stressed.

Tsogwane said the divisions are brought about by the lack of honesty when people are bonded together by a common good and set values that make them a distinct group from the next.

“The followers are nothing but footsoldiers of the two princes of light and evil, constantly fighting each other. If you tell the truth, there won’t be any chaos. I implore you all to choose the truth,” Tsogwane emphasised to the cheering crowd.


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