Monday, March 4, 2024

“Motswaledi was Jesus incarnate”

He is the epitome of love, peace, justice and the truth. 

Having read the Bible and having listened to a many men and women of God spreading the holly gospel I have come to the conclusion that amongst us mere mortals there are those of us who are a reincarnation of the many men and women the Bible speaks about. 

My belief is that we await the coming of Jesus Christ in futility because Jesus is with us every day and every minute. Isn’t that what we are always told, that Jesus lives amongst us twenty four seven. The form in which he ascended to our world in the Bible is the same way he keeps coming to our world today, in the simplest, humble and hidden ways and forms. 

People expect him to come in that gracious spectacular manner form whilst I believe he exists in the simplest and exists in the simplest of forms which we have never realized – that of an ordinary human being and mere mortal like all of us. 

Jesus in my belief multiplies in many a human being and exists in that form in many different parts of the world. 

There are men and women whom I believe were the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

Martin Luther King, Tom Mboya, Patrick Lumumba, Oliver Reginald Tambo, Morgan Tsvangirai “MHSRIP” and many others. The list is endless. 

One such in our country is none other than Gomolemo Motswaledi. 

This is my conviction and intends not to provoke nor offend anybody for nobody has the sole right or entitlement to the interpretation of the Holly Bible thus can we all live harmoniously with our different interpretations and views, all in the name of respect and love of God. 

Like in the Bible, we rebuke and undermine these mere mortals reincarnated in the form of Jesus and neglect and reject them for the pharaohs and Judas of this world. 

Those amongst us who are the true believers are scorned off just like Jesus believers in the Bible. They are perceived as lost sheep by the lost souls whose only interest is the material benefits of this mortal life.  But just like in the Bible, only time will tell and exonerate them as the true followers of Jesus Christ. 

We go to church day in and day out praying to Jesus and pass him on our way to church with ignorance and arrogance. Talk of a pastor who droned himself in clothes of a pauper and lay outside his church begging for food whilst his entire congregation passed him hurrying to listen to a pastor dressed like a CEO. 

We never forget that Jesus died for us but we forget his reincarnations who died for us. We pray and praise Jesus but forget to pray and praise those whom he came to us under the guise of their names. 

Aren’t we looking too far for Jesus? Are we not in a continuous crusade of sin by scorning the reincarnated Jesus just like the folks in the Bible?

If my knowledge serves me well we are taught that Jesus was God himself under the cover of a mortal like us. 

Nobody and I repeat nobody has any clue whatsoever as to when Jesus will ascend and in what form and manner he is going to come. 

I am a Christian and I wholly believe in God. A God that has given me brains to think and analyse and not only be fed analysis. 

In conclusion I will no longer look far for Jesus. Like we believe that Jesus lives within us all the time I now believe that Jesus is those amongst us mere mortals who will die and ascend to heaven so that we be free from sufferings and dictators just like Jesus whom upon death their blood will spill just like that of Jesus.

Imagine a world with genuine loving and caring leaders. Would there be poverty to the levels we see today? Would there be cruelty and brutality we see today especially amongst women and children. 

Gomolemo Motswaledi was Jesus reincarnated. He is dead but because Jesus never died, God sent us his son again in a different reincarnation. All we need to do is open our eyes and identify the son of god amongst us for he is here amongst us. 

For us to reach Canaan it is this man or woman amongst us, this reincarnation of Jesus who will take us there.

Lastly it is upon us to choose another pharaoh, continue to be sold by the Judas amongst us and continue to suffer. 

We can pray a billion times for all we like but so long as we continue to choose bad leaders our prayers will be of no help. Let us stop praying for miracles and pray that we identify good leaders amongst us, then and only then will we get our wishes to be rescued from the many sufferings we face. 

The ball is in our court and the choice is ours. Stop looking far for Jesus because he is here. Whether you are in America, China or Europe there always is a Jesus living within us. 

God loves us all so why would he give only the people of those times the privilege to have Jesus and deny us that privilege. 

God is no dictator and allows us to express our views like a father who loves his children and will allow their different opinions in different subjects. God is not to be feared but to be loved and respected. No father wants his children to fear him. 

So long Sir G, so long.

*Kgoroba is Member of Parliament for Mogoditshane


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