Saturday, June 22, 2024

“Thank You Bobirwa!”

As we emerge from this hectic election, I find it fitting that I profusely thank Bobirwa constituents for the support they have rendered me and the BCP team. Throughout the campaign season, we were anchored by the unconditional appreciation we received from voters across the age, gender, class and political spectrum. I must say to the voters that the love and support you have shown me and my party over time sustains my resolve to make a positive difference in the lives of my fellow citizens. We were up against a massively resourced BDP outfit and one that wantonly abuses incumbency but I must say the financial contributions we received from friends and well wishers helped us to compete right down to the wire. From this race, I can confidently say that “yes indeed, I am rich in my friends”. There are great people out there! People whose patriotism and loyalty to democracy inspires me.

As for my political future, let me reiterate that politics is my calling and the essence of my life. I joined politics to help build enduring institutions of democracy that will outlive all personalities ÔÇô including that of mine. I am also in politics to help liberate the masses of our people from the tyranny of poverty, unemployment, ignorance and oppression.

I remain fully committed to this course and I promise that I will continue to challenge structures that perpetuate suffering and injustice in our country and beyond. Batswana in general and Bobirwa voters in particular should know that I am at their service at all times- in or outside parliament.

To those who are concerned about my emotional welfare, let me assure you that I remain as calm and as peaceful as ever. I am filled with pride at the performance of the BCP ÔÇô a party which I currently serve as Secretary General. Together with BAM and NDF, we are certainly building a robust entity that shall secure the future of the children of this country.

I thank you all

Taolo Boipuso Lucas


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