Friday, July 19, 2024

“Thank you Australia”

Dear Editor

Mr. Editor I would like to thank the Government of Australia in Canberra through their High Commissioner here, for taking a commendable move of promoting democratic principles and human rights in Zimbabwe by teaching the ZANU (PF) bigwigs a lesson. For those who do not know yet what has transpired in the past few days let me fill you in.

The Australian Government has cancelled the study Visas and deported children of ZANU (PF) heavyweights because they were enjoying good, high quality education there, whilst back home in Zimbabwe their parents are busy ransacking the government structures at every level and denying the children of Zimbabwe the same opportunity.
The ZANU (PF) government, under the control of the notorious Robert Mugabe, has ruined what used to be a sophisticated education system in Africa by following policies that do not have the interest of the country at heart, but their personal interests of enriching themselves.

These hypocrites have gone around saying we have got nothing to do with the west and yet they are sending their children there to study. Why did they not send them to one of the numerous Universities in Zimbabwe where students now go with one meal a day and the once pristine halls of residence now look like squatter camps? This leaves one wondering what goes on in the heads of these politicians.

The government, with the assistance of the police, have turned Zimbabwe into one big prison the police being the prison wardens and for you to survive there you must adhere to a certain not-so-clear code of conduct or you will be in trouble. This is clearly evident by the number of Batswana who have fallen into the hands of these prison wardens because they did not conduct themselves properly there.
The fathers of these children bash the people of Zimbabwe in the streets when they want to express their discontent on the government policies whilst their children are enjoying the democratic societies of other nations where they are free to do anything.

I never thought this was an issue but it has really affected some of the parents to the extent that one of them was insulting Tsvangirai, trying to grab him by the collar accusing him of having caused “my children to be deported.” Surely, what does poor Tsvangirai have to do with ZANU (PF) rigging elections and failing to have ideas on how to rule a country? This is a wake up call to these people that you cannot always get away with crimes against humanity because you are in a sovereign country; the world is becoming a global village.

My heart pains here in Botswana when I see these ZANU (PF) people moving in flashy cars shopping for groceries whilst their policies back home have robbed an ordinary Zimbabwean of the same opportunity. If the government of Botswana was brave enough it would impose a restriction on ZANU (PF) leaders to come here and shop so that they can learn a lesson and start doing things the right way. But we know how Mogae wants to be quiet. To tell the truth most of them are not affected by the current state of things in Zimbabwe, they have access to cheap foreign currency, cheap fuel and abuse government vehicles and facilities with impunity.
I say to Mogae: ‘Say something positive and go down in history as the only incumbent President in Southern Africa to have condemned Mugabe’s rule; anyway, you have nothing to lose since you are retiring next year.’

We thank the internet so much; Zimbabweans have managed to make their plight known to the world no matter how much the government tries to cover it up. I also extend my gratitude to people like you Mr. Editor for keeping the Zimbabwe dilemma in the spotlight.

One day it shall end!

Yours truly,

Michael Muchatida


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