Sunday, August 14, 2022

‘Diamond in the desert’ fashion show to raise awareness about the importance of self image

Beauty comes in all different shape and sizes and this will be proven on Saturday 2nd May at the first of its kind fashion show titled Diamond in the desert. The show that is expected to attract many fashion designers, bloggers and fashion lovers who are looking to gain recognition in the fashion industry is expected to raise awareness on the importance of self image.

In an interview with the organiser of the fashion show, Oarabile Peke explained that image is everything. He said being beautiful and comfortable in one’s skin does not mean that they should have a certain type of body or completion. “This fashion show is mainly trying to show people that one can be beautiful as long as they have the right clothes on, beauty is not measured by a great body or certain colour completion but rather by how well you pay attention to your image,” he said.

He added that different fashion designers will be at the show showcasing their work and this will give other aspiring fashion designers a chance to mingle and ask for tips from professionals. On the other hand, he said this show will be an opportunity to exchange contacts with potential clients and investors as it exposes their brand and increases their sales and orders.

He continued that they named the show, Diamond in the desert as they will be discovering talent that has been hidden. “The diamonds here refer to upcoming designers and bloggers who have been waiting for a perfect time to come out and share with the world what they are made of and what they are possibly capable of doing,” he said.

He further added that this is a stand out event that celebrates fashion, lifestyle and branding in the contemporary world. “This is a red carpet event so I would urge attendees to dress to impress as they may never know who they may meet on the day,” he said.

The event will be held at Phakalane golf estate on the second of May. Peke further said the event is not only for fashion lovers but also people who are oppsesed with capturing good fashion images including photographers, brainding and marketing consultancies. “We are mainly interested in getting people of all race and nationalities to convene under one roof and mingle. More importantly, we want ideas to be shared so that other people’s lives can be improved,” he said.

He emphasised that image is important to a person as it can break or make them as well as earn respect for them. “Your first impression is usually based on your image and what one wears on a daily basis says a lot about them. If you want to improve your image this is the show to attend, people should remember that shape does not matter but rather how one carries themselves,” he said.


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