Thursday, March 23, 2023

‘Tougher measures lie ahead for lax security firms’ – Seretse

The Minister of Defence, Justice and Security, Dikgakgamatso Ndelu Seretse, has warned the private security industry against the danger of failing to improve standards of service.

Speaking on Monday when he flagged off this year’s Security Pitso, Seretse said his ministry will be spot on in ensuring professionalism is achieved by private security companies for the sake of Batswana and their possessions.

┬á“As I go around the country, Batswana are uncomplimentary about the quality of service of private security companies,” Seretse said. “Your professionalism and commitment leave a lot to be desired.”
He said security companies hide behind indemnity clauses, using them to justify their inability to protect Batswana and their properties.

“I am seriously considering a professional liability provision as a condition for licensing,” Seretse said.

Quality service requires quality training, the minister explained, adding that the private security industry needs to engage more on training their workers.

“Service without quality standards is unacceptable. I have personally waited eagerly for that day when your industry will have training standards for your guards but to no avail,” he told the security companies.

Seretse said government would be forced to take prescriptive measures if by next year the private security industry fails to table a plan for improving standards.   

“If government should prescribe, I foresee a situation where non-compliance to set standards would deny companies from participating in government, council and parastatal security provision contracts,” warned Seretse.

Meantime, Seretse has said the relocation of the Diamond Trading Company (DTC) to Botswana will offer massive job opportunities for the security industry. But he warned that this is fraught with challenges for the security companies and test their readiness to offer the required service.

This year’s Pitso was expected to address several issues in the private security industry. Among them was the much anticipated Private Security Companies Bill of 2012, which will give security companies a platform on regulation.

Held this year under the theme ‘Fighting crime through effective collaboration’ the Security Pitso is an annual forum which address issues of the private security companies, government, the public, companies┬á and stakeholders.


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