Monday, July 15, 2024

Old Naledi Fiesta to Celebrate Local Talent

An organic music event, Old Naledi Fiesta, is gearing itself to heighten the excitement of the upcoming golden jubilee celebrations with a lineup comprised solely of local artist come the 5th and 6th of August. The two day music festival, which is set to take place at Gaborone Bus Rank, Bontleng Mall and Old Naledi Soccer Field, intends to bring music to the people through an assortment of genres. 

Under the theme ‘Celebrating 50 Years Of Artistic Excellence in Botswana’, the event promises to be a platform for both upcoming and established musicians. “We want to take the festival to the people free of charge, demonstrating that the arts are for everyone. This is a great opportunity for upcoming and established Botswana artists a platform to showcase their talent and earn income, as well as a platform through which their talents can be better exposed to the public,” said Gao Lemmenyane. “We also want budding artists to engage and learn from established artists as that is crucial to the progress of the music industry,” he added.

The festival, which is now a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Youth and Culture and Maitisong, began in 1996 as a fringe element of the Maitisong Festival. “Over the years, it has attracted an average of 10,000 spectators,” Lemmenayne said.

“This event is the flagship corporate social investment project of the Maitisong Festival. It connects us to the people who do not have the means to experience the arts, and gives them the opportunity to watch their favorite performers live in their neighbourhood.” Lemmenyane said the support has been overwhelming. He said this year will be particularly special they join Botswana in commemorating 50 years of independence.

Musicians across all genres are encouraged to register and join in the festivities before July 15. Artist application forms can be downloaded from or collected from Maitisong offices. 


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