Sunday, March 7, 2021

Orange’s new packages to transform prepaid services in Botswana

Orange Botswana has announced its new set of packages that will transform prepaid services in Botswana by offering at an affordable cost, specific packages in line with the needs and preferences of each customer group.

The new Orange Ola! prepaid packages are said to be based on extensive market research of customers’ needs and also offer up to 88 percent more value and saving than standard prepaid tariffs.

The Ola! ultimate package includes for the first time in Botswana on prepaid unlimited SMS and unlimited Facebook and Twitter and customers can carry forward their unused benefits.

Orange Chief Executive Officer Philippe Baudin said Orange believes that its responsibility is to offer Batswana and other customers the best value for money.

“We believe that our responsibility is to make access to telecommunication services affordable. We believe that our responsibility is to bring innovations to this market and to make sure that Batswana actually benefit from cutting edge services and from the best possible customer experience,” said Baudin.

He also pointed out that one could ask how can Orange translate its objectives into attractive products and services, he said he would answer that it first depends on the ability to listen carefully to the voice of the customers in order to understand their needs. He also added that it is not only about prices, it is about simplicity, diversity, quality of customer experience.

Baudin noted that it also depends on the willingness to actually meet customers’ expectations, even if it requires huge efforts in terms of products and services development and investment, rather than trying to sell them what they are already able to offer, because it is simpler for them.

“We wanted to create an innovative new offer to help develop stronger bonds with our customers. This comes from understanding their evolving needs. I am confident that with Ola! Prepaid packages, we have answered those needs and we are confident that they are going to enjoy this new innovation because these prepaid packages offer the most competitive rates in the market on a variety of usages” said Baudin.

Orange Public Relations Manager Boga Chilinde stated that Orange Ola! Packages offer 12 different new prepaid packages and prepaid customers will benefit from significantly reduced in-package rates, saving them a lot of money compared to the standard prepaid rates or what they would be spending on the same benefits elsewhere.

“Orange Botswana has developed a wide range of packages specific to each demographic group within Botswana. With these packages, we are giving everyone more of what they love and need at a much cheaper price,” she said.

She also noted that the packages come with enhanced customer experience which is achieved through optimized customer journey and simplified value proposition.


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