Monday, January 17, 2022

Parliament hails newlywed Boko as a real man

The ruling party MPs “booed” opposition Umbrella for Democratic Change president Duma Boko, jokingly congratulating him on his marriage over the weekend. This sparked memories of the drama which ensued at the late Gomolemo Motswaledi’s funeral service last year.

UDC members refused to allow BDP sympathisers to their party’s Vice President funeral service held at the University of Botswana stadium ahead the national elections in 2014, booing those who dared attend the proceedings.

As Duma Boko entered parliament on Monday, while the legislators were in the middle of a debate, he attracted attention from the BDP MPs who booed him loud enough to distract the ensuing debate. The Speaker of the House Gladys Kokorwe without delay asserted that the murmurs were destined to welcome the Leader of the Opposition who has just entered “real manhood” following his high profile marriage.

“We are welcoming him into his new marriage. He is a real man now,” shouted a voice from the BDP side.

“Alongside your party colleagues, the BDP members too on the other side of the political aisle congratulate you in your new marriage, wishing you many years of prosperity and happy life in the institution,” said Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi ÔÇô cum ÔÇô the Mother of the House.
“You are now the real man,” she added, before breaking into a traditional ululation.

Minister of Defence, Justice and Security Shaw Kgathi called for Boko to associate and interact with him more often as he is much more mature in marriage issues and processes – having been married for 26years now.

“These are the issues we will discuss outside, not in this House together,” he jokingly said before wading into the debate in hand.

The Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi indicated he was happy Boko married his home-girl from Moshupa while the Speaker of the House revealed that she had managed to pass by the wedding.

With all the accolades, the UDC president kept his calm although appearing to acknowledge the praise piled before him.

Boko’s marriage to Kaone – the beautiful youth girl from Moshupa will put to rest accusations labelled against him for his single stature considering his aspirations of becoming the country’s future president.

Alongside President Ian Khama, Boko has been the butt of accusations and jokes at the hands of the opposition Botswana Congress Party during the run-up to the national elections.

Most of the BCP leaders are married including their party leader Dumelang Saleshando.

UDC under Boko’s stewardship performed quite convincingly garnering 17 parliamentary seats the previous national elections, the first historic and symbolic victory for the opposition giving them hope for more to come.


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