Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Pathologist links murders to alcohol consumption in Botswana

The government Forensic Pathologist, Dr Varaprasat Patnaik, has expressed worry over reckless consumption of liquor in Botswana, saying that the habit promotes murder incidents in the country.
In an interview with the Sunday Standard, Patnaik said that most of the murder cases that he works on or investigates are always related to alcohol consumption.

“Most of the murder cases that I come across are normally caused by alcohol related issues.

Whenever an investigation is conducted, it normally implicates an incident in a shebeen or a bar,” he said. “There is dire need to restrict the consumption of liquor and I fully commend efforts by the government in its drive to restrict the consumption of liquor.”

Although he could not produce any statistics at the time, he raised concern saying that when people are drunk they detach from their full mental capability.

He added that after a lot of drinking people easily lose their tempers, which then results in fights, causing deaths. He added that most of the murder incidents happen in urban areas and people who are affected range in age between 20 and 30 years.

“My other concern is the escalating number of infanticides, which is taking a disturbing direction, especially within Selibe Phikwe and neighbouring areas,” he added.

Patnaik concluded by condemning people who commit suicides and who indulge in so-called passion killings.

“These people need to consult with the elderly people, the parents, the Police and even the psychologists to get help if they have problems. Taking one’s life does not solve any problems,” he said.


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