Monday, April 22, 2024

Police blunder leads to arrest of wrong person in CEO murder

In a dramatic turn of events, Botswana Police Service (BPS) has suffered a huge embarrassment after it emerged that they arrested a wrong person as chief suspect in the murder of Michael Montshiwa, the late CEO of Fairground Holdings.

The highly publicized arrest, it now turns out was a result of wrong information passed to the Police.

Following a tip off by the ‘informant’ Police arrested a 31 year old man last week Thursday at Game City.

He is the son a of prominent businessman in Gaborone.

However the alleged suspect was released at the weekend after information failed to link him to the death of the Fairground CEO who was gunned down at his house in Block 6 last week Sunday night.

Information gathered by this publication suggests that a certain police informer who works in one of the cellular network providers known to this publication voluntarily went to the police and gave police information of the suspect linked to the death of the deceased.

 It is understood that the “informer” who is also linked to drug dealings had a heated argument with the man that the police arrested whose car matched the description that the police are looking for. 

During police interrogation that took more than a day it emerged that the police were given wrong and misleading information by the informer who had some misunderstandings with the arrested ‘suspect.’    

A close source told this publication that “it was clear from the beginning that the police got it wrong.”

The source said “it was disappointing for the police to bring so many assets including cars as well  and a helicopter backup to arrest a person who did not pose  any threat.

“That has now put the police under unnecessary pressure as the public is likely to lose confidence in them.” 

Police spokesperson senior superintendent Dipheko Motube  confirmed that a good number of people have been questioned and released by the police including the 31 year old man who was also arrested in Game City last week. 

He would not want to be drawn into the issue surrounding the suspect that was arrested at Game City as police investigations are still ongoing.


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