Saturday, March 25, 2023

South African police assisted in re-arrest of escapee

The South Africans are said to have played a major role in the re-arrest of Botsi Kefitile whom police labeled an extremely dangerous escapee when he escaped from custody last week while in transit to magistrate court.

Botswana Police say that they will not disclose the exact place where the suspect was arrested but could only say he was arrested in Ramotswa Village.

Kefitile was allegedly on his way to South Africa via Ramotswa where he illegally jumped the boundary fence between Botswana and South Africa.

After crossing the Botswana boundary into South Africa, he was apprehended by the South African police who were on their daily patrol.

They handed him over to the Botswana Police.

The Public Relations Officer of the Botswana Police, Assistant Commissioner Christopher Mbulawa, said, “I am not in position to disclose the exact area in Ramotswa where the suspect was arrested,” but added that his arrest came from the police intelligence.

Mbulawa said that while the suspect was still on the run, he does not rule out the possibility that the suspect may have committed other criminal activities that have not yet been reported to the police.

“It is normal that when a suspect or suspects escape from custody, investigations are carried out to establish the circumstances surrounding the escape,” he said.

When asked whether the escort team will be charged with negligence, Mbulawa said he could not preempt investigations.

“This might jeopardize the investigation and every case is treated on its own merit,” he said.


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