Monday, July 15, 2024

Twist and turns in police murder case

The Investigating Officer (IO) in Setlampoloka’s murder case has distanced himself from all the charges implicating six police officer accused of Killing Italy Setlaampoloka in 2009. Two senior police detectives who had already testified in the matter had from the beginning of the trial suggested that the investigations were not carried out properly.

Detective Superintendent, Sergent Marapo has previously told the court during cross examinations that there were lots of errors during investigation which emanated from some shoddy work on the part of his juniors. He said the (IO) has failed to follow critical standard procedures when obtaining and gathering evidence. Appearing before the Gaborone High Court, one of the key witnesses Detective Inspector, Ellias Segokgo who was investigating the case said after his investigations the report he made was handed over to his officer in charge-Detective Superintendent, Sergent Marapo.

Giving evidence in chief, the 50 year old Detective Segokgo told court that there was no evidence linking the six accused police officers to an offence of murder. ‘’After I completed my investigations I handed over the report to my officer in charge and I never had any chance to talk to any investigating officer who took over to further investigations. And I’m not even aware that accused persons are charged with unlawful disposal of the dead body, destroying evidence as well as giving false information to a public officer because I never investigated those charges. I’m only aware of a charge of murder which I personally investigated and found nothing linking the accused for murdering Setlaampoloka,” said Segokgo.

He revealed that there was nothing to suggest that the accused persons either individually or collectively did assault the deceased or that he eventually died due to some injuries related to the assault. The court further heard that there was no sketch plan which could explain how the circumstances unfolded and to show how the incident occurred at the crime scene. In conclusion, Segokgo said his investigations have never placed the six accused person to any chamber in Mogoditshane police which is said to have been used by the police to torture suspects. He further said his investigations never linked the accused persons to any murder charge or any charge thereafter.

The accused persons are Dithuso Dintwe, Patrick Gobotswang, Ranto Mmeleki,Tebogo Khutsafalo,Kabo Moffat Ramohibidu, Michael Ramhitshana all officers in Mogoditshane. They are represented by Busang Manewe and Kgosietsile Ngakaagae. The trial case is expected to resume on 15-16 October 2015 and again on the 7, 8,9,10 and 11 October 2016.


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