Monday, June 24, 2024

Police fighting a losing battle against social media abuse

Police are investigating yet another case in which President Khama was recently ridiculed in the social media which the police have described as a concern. 

Latest developments come at a time when a twenty- year old man is still being questioned by the police after abusing and insulting the president about the just deported controversial American pastor Steve Anderson.

Police say more suspects are expected to be arrested for the same offense.

Police spokesperson assistant commissioner Witness Bosija has confirmed to this publication that BPS is questioning a twenty year old man of Ramotswa who abused and insulted President Khama on social media sometime last week.

“Is true that BPS is questioning a twenty year old man of Ramotswa who abused and insulted president Khama on social media.”

He said the suspect was taken for questioning last Wednesday and was later released. 

He said the alleged suspect, is a tertiary student in one of the higher learning institutions in Gaborone but could not disclose what courses the suspect is taking.

“At this stage I can not disclose where he is studying. I cannot reveal his identity as police investigations are ongoing,” he said. 

He said that though the investigations are still at early stage, more suspects are expected to be rounded by the police who are allegedly linked to the offense.

“Our net is wide open therefore I am not in a position to suggest how many suspects might be arrested. But the investigation will reveal that.”

Bosija stated that the investigations are still within the country but if compulsory they may also be extended outside the country as with other cases.

“I am not sure when the investigations will be completed but that will depend on the scope.”

Bosija also said they recently arrested a Water Utilities Corporation employee who photo shopped the state president in Maun.

He has since been released from custody.

The 36-year-old man is alleged to have produced photo shopped picture of a half naked President Ian Khama.

Boseja indicated that the investigations are still ongoing and once the investigations are complete the docket will be handed to the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) who will advise on the way forward.

He assured the public that the police have the capability to trace and truck those individuals who abuse social media.


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