Monday, September 27, 2021

Police inspector allegedly attempts suicide over cellphone

A police inspector is at the centre of police investigations after the officer allegedly stole a cellphone during the official opening of the Kachikau Police Station.

The alleged suspect is reported to have stolen a cellphone belonging to the Station Commander during the ceremony.
It is understood that, a few days later, the suspect sold the stolen cell phone to a member of the Botswana Defence Force who then gave it to his girlfriend.

While the phone was in use, a cellular network company managed to trace the signal and the police questioned the woman leading to the arrest of the police inspector.

It is understood that after the suspect heard that the police were after him, he tried to committee suicide by smashing the police vehicle he was driving into a tree, sustaining minor injuries.

Speaking to Sunday Standard, the Officer Commanding Kasane, Senior Superintendent Kgotlaitsile Kgosintwa, confirmed that they are questioning a police inspector who allegedly stole a cellphone belonging to the Station Commander of Kachikau Police, about 78 kilometers from Kasane.

Kgosintwa said that during the official opening of the Kachikau Police Station sometime in March this year, the Station Commander left his cellphone charging on the power supply.
He said during the ceremony the cellphone disappeared from the Station Commander’s office and a case of theft was registered.

He further said that police investigators, with the assistance of wireless providers, were able to trace the phone and identified the person using the phone.


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