Thursday, June 13, 2024

Police officers to get new uniforms as of April 1 next year

After three decades in use, the Botswana Police Service will abandon its old uniform and introduce a new one by the 1st of April next year.
The change will cost the government about P21 million.

According to the man behind the project, Assistant Commissioner, Moore Gondo, by the next financial year (next April), the police will phase out the current uniform that has been in use since 1980 and will introduce a better one that will be “appealing and user friendly”.

He said the shirts will be blue, like the shed that is on the Botswana flag, known as steel blue, while the trousers will be charcoal grey.

Gondo said, so far, they are stock piling the uniforms so that by the 1st of next April officers will be in the new ones.

“About four years ago, the Special Support Group (SSG) changed their uniform and the public, including high ranking government officials, reacted very negatively and expressed dissatisfaction with it. So once again, a decision has been made to change SSG uniforms even though consultations are still ongoing,” said Gondo.

He said the old uniforms will be collected and destroyed while those that are still in plastics will be kept and only displayed during Police Day.
Gondo said four weeks before its introduction, the public will be notified about it to avoid confusion.


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