Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Police to introduce yet another new set of uniforms soon

Following public pressure, the Botswana Police Service (BPS) will sometime next month unveil a new police uniform that will be used by the Special Support Group (SSG).

The new uniform was scheduled to be in use on the 1st of this month (January) but was delayed due to some technical problem.

The Public Relations Officer of BPS, Assistant Commissioner Christopher Mbulawa, told Sunday Standard that, “The SSG now has a new uniform.”

He said the uniform will probably be in use within the next couple of weeks.

Mbulawa said that, as the police, they believe they have made a right choice of uniform that will suit the conditions under which the SSG works.

At first, the SSG at one stage used camouflage uniforms which were then phased out and another type of uniform was introduced. The public did not welcome the new uniform, describing it as “leteise”.
Mbulawa said that both the public and the users lodged complaints against the current uniform and a decision was then taken that it had to be changed to suit the conditions of work.
Although he was reluctant to divulge the cost, Mbulawa conceded the uniform change over cost the government a considerable amount of money.

“It is true that the uniform committee has received several complaints but the committee is busy trying to resolve the problem,” he said.

Meanwhile, some SSG officers said they are looking forward to the new uniforms to replace the current one, which they say made them look like rebels or guerrillas.


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