Saturday, July 20, 2024

Police, Prison officials under investigation over disappearance of prisoner

Officials at the Gaborone Village Magistrate Court, some Police and Prison officers are under investigation following the mysterious disappearance of a dangerous criminal convict, Mandandi Chibiya, who is suspected to have skipped the country.

Chibiya was supposed to serve 16 years in prison for motor vehicle thefts.

“Chibiya is not in prison as I speak,” Detective Assistant Superintendent Joshua Ntau of Motor Vehicle Theft Unit at Serious Crime Squad told The Telegraph. “Investigations are, however, underway to establish the circumstances surrounding the release of the said convict as well his whereabouts.”

He said his station only learned about the disappearance a few days ago.

“I am not in position to suggest which Service (between Police and Prisons) should be held responsible until the investigations are complete,” he said.

When asked about his whereabouts Ntau replied that he did not want to speculate but offered that the said convict was sentenced to 16 years in prison by the Gaborone Village Magistrate Court on the 4th of March last year for motor vehicle thefts.

Information passed to The Telegraph suggests that some officials between the police, magistrate court and prison departments are suspected to have connived with Chibiya to facilitate his disappearance.

Some of the court papers are missing in his file.


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