Sunday, December 3, 2023

Police question Chinese national over P4 million of cash

By Reuben Pitse

Police are investigating a Chinese national who was alleged to have been found in possession of cash amounting to more than P4 million stashed in his motor vehicle.

When questioned by the police, the suspect is reported to have claimed that he was scared of criminals to deposit the money in a bank at Francistown and he decided to travel to Gaborone to deposit the money when he arrived in the capital city.

It is reported that the businessman was travelling from Francistown to Gaborone and was allegedly involved in a hit and run accident when the cash was discovered.

He was allegedly stopped by the police at a roadblock and a search was conducted and cash was retrieved from various parts of his motor vehicle.

Speaking to The Telegraph this week, deputy director of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Kesetsenao Tshweneetsile confirmed that they are investigating a case in which a Chinese national was found in possession of about P4m which they believe is part of money laundering.

He explained that the suspect was travelling from Francistown to Gaborone while on his way he was allegedly involved in a hit a run accident.

He said the suspect then decided to flee from the scene without stopping something which he described as a traffic offense.

Tshweneetsile said the suspect was stopped during one of the roadblocks along A1 road and his vehicle was searched.

Tshweneetsile added that during the police search, lots of money of different currencies such as US Dollars, Rands as well as the local currency were found hidden in different areas inside his car.    

“As the police we seized the money because the suspect could not explain satisfactorily where he got the money from and we were left with no option but to seize the money,” he stated.

He indicated that as the police they have noticed that most of the Chinese nationals hardly put their funds in to the banks and that is too dangerous to their lives as they become prime targets from the criminals.

Tsweneetsile however, indicated that the suspect is suing the state over the decision to seize his money adding that the state is ready to defend the case.

He warned the business community that they should always deposit their money into the banks for their own safety.


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