Saturday, June 3, 2023

Positive thoughts breed positive results

Like philosophers have said, humans are the captains of their own ships. Everything is possible if one believes in himself or herself. You might doubt who you will be in future, but you can never doubt who you are now.

A lot of people are laboring under the bondage of limited ambition. Some doubt their potential to achieve and they almost always suppress the urge to do better because they believe that they will not be successful.

“I cannot possibly achieve that, it will not work, this is not the best time”…all negative thoughts that tend to suppress one’s potential to achieve.

Lack of belief in one’s self breeds negative thoughts and defeats initiative. Dreams and ambitions turn into nightmares before one can even take the first step. Most times people are not even aware of the negative thoughts that suppress their initiative and their need to succeed. Such negative thoughts hinder performance, put off the fire and desire to achieve and further retard efforts to make a move towards attaining a certain objective or goal.

To come out of that grip of negativity, one needs to weed out the negative beliefs which take hostage of his or her capabilities. The power lies in faith, and everything is possible if one gives it a try.

Positive thinking cannot exist without self esteem which is a crucial part of personal happiness; therefore for one to develop a firm belief in him or herself, one needs to have a high self esteem. One needs first to appreciate who he or she is, and then take an initiative with a more positive attitude.

Scientists have examined the power of prayer and how faith affects a person’s health. In the end, it was found that patients who have surrendered and believe that they will eventually die, generally fare worse than those who have faith that they will recover. It is called strong will.

In New York, Doctors at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center are teaching cancer patients the power of positive thinking and how belief can improve their chances of survival.

Research has also shown that people who are constantly stressed, spend little or no time meditating, have a negative and bleak outlook of life, and they are more susceptible to sickness.

In contrast, people who have a positive attitude towards life are generally successful in most if not all of their endeavors.

Positive thinking breeds positive energy and positive beliefs. Positive beliefs do not only work in patients, but in our everyday living and day to day occurrences. These can be in businesses, life in general, academics and even in sports.

Students who believe that mathematics is difficult will definitely fail it, unless they develop a positive attitude and approach learning with zeal and without resignation.

Successful people will testify that they accomplished their goals by positively believing in themselves. Examples of such people are Bill Gates, who is one of the richest people of the world. Ted Turner is also a classic example of a person who believed in himself and never accepted anyone who doubted him.

The two are the most successful and rich men of the 21st century.

While they experienced failure in their lives, successful people never despaired. They did not dwell on their failures; they concentrated on their goals, believed in them and pushed ahead until they accomplished their wishes and dreams. The power for one to achieve and succeed in whatever one pursues, depends on how one takes a stance in whatever he wishes to accomplish. If one believes in himself positively, he will achieve positive results, negativity only bears negative results.


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