Thursday, May 30, 2024

PPC Botswana’s Botlhole decries cement dumping

PPC Botswana is disconcerted by imported cement dumping which drives local manufacturing companies out of business. 

Speaking during a tour of the company’s manufacturing plant by Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry Peggy Serame on Friday, PPC Botswana Unit head honcho Tuelo Botlhole decried that local companies are being drained, driven out of business and forced to shut down by product dumping from imported cement.  

“This limits the local manufacturers from increasing their employment base, industry beneficiation and the tax brackets which improve our national services to Batswana,” lambasted Botlhole. 

There has been a going concern for years by the Botswana Unit which produces an annual capacity of over 300,000 tons of cement, a chemical process managed by Batswana experts in two shifts.

The tour allowed PPC Botswana management a window of opportunity to share its journey, strategy, achievements and short-comings with the minister.

Botlhole highlighted PPC’s involvement in supporting local enterprises and his industry’s downstream beneficiation. 

“We have a Local Enterprise Development Program which identifies and supports small enterprises within our industry chain. Through empowerment workshops and other good empowerment initiatives we enhance local efficiencies for small enterprises to compete and enhance local productivity,” he told the minister. 

For her part the Serame commended PPC for its sustained growth and creation of jobs. 

“We commend your efforts to make a difference in the community from which you draw employees and operate. That is the model of local development we commend and support.  It is impressive to see a local manufacturing plant that is able to produce such an amount of cement which has built iconic features in the country such as the iTowers, Boatle Game City Road, Morupule B and Dikgatlhong Dam,” Serame shared her excitement. 

The minister went on to commend PPC for being able to employ and empower Batswana with cement manufacturing skills and be able to engage local suppliers saying this boosts the economy. 

Serame said her ministry will look into product dumping and advise in due course after further consultations.


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