Thursday, May 30, 2024

Prosecution left in limbo after complainant disappears

A complainant in a case in which Zimbabwean national Maxwell Moyo is charged with threat to kill has left the prosecution in limbo after she vanished.

Prosecutors told Francistown Principal Magistrate Peggy Madandume on Thursday that they could not progress with the case as the complainant was nowhere to be found.

They added that they had traced the complainant to the Tati Nickel Mine where she used to work only to be informed that she had been retrenched. Sources informed them that she had relocated to her home village of Rakops.

But in Rakops, they still drew a blank after the investigation officer in the matter failed to reach her through the mobile number that he had been given by informers.

The prosecutors also revealed that the two witnesses they had decided to call were also reluctant to give evidence. They asked the court to postpone the matter to a nearer date as the accused had been detained for a long time without any progress and promised to do their best to speed up investigations.

Moyo is said to have threatened to kill his girlfriend after a misunderstanding at Somerset location on July 20 last year.

The prosecution is still trying to trace the complainant’s whereabouts.


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