Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Prospects of passenger train resurgence emerge

In a notable shift for Botswana’s transportation landscape, plans are underway to resurrect passenger train services, dormant since November 2019. The initiative, spearheaded by Transport and Public Works Minister Eric Molale, now takes center stage with the unveiling of an ambitious 5-year transformation plan for Botswana Railways.

The passenger train, grappling with historical profitability challenges, is at the epicenter of this visionary agenda. Molale underscores the imperative of evaluating its sustainability through diverse models, particularly during peak holiday seasons when safety concerns are paramount. The government is poised to unveil precise timelines for the revival of passenger train services, marking a substantial pivot in focus.

In a strategic move, the government has directed the Department of Railways to carve its financial path, signaling a departure from traditional subventions. Molale envisions the passenger train becoming a new revenue stream, leveraging its global reputation for reliability and safety, eclipsing alternative modes of transportation.

Diplomatic dialogues have already commenced with neighboring South Africa and Zimbabwe, exploring collaborative opportunities for these nations’ railways to become potential hubs for the revitalized passenger train. This diplomatic effort aligns seamlessly with a broader ambition to foster regional connectivity and cooperation.

Rumors emanating from Mozambique suggest that the Beira-Machipanda passenger train might extend its service to connect Zimbabwe and Botswana by the close of 2025. This development follows a substantial $200 million investment in rehabilitating the railway line, positioning it as a crucial artery for efficient regional transportation.

The Mozambican government’s expressed interest in extending the train’s route to other parts of Zimbabwe and Botswana underscores a commitment to fortify infrastructural conditions for secure and efficient movement.

In a strategic maneuver, Botswana Railways is orchestrating an expansion into South Africa and Zimbabwean territories. A groundbreaking work-through arrangement with the National Railway of Zimbabwe (NRZ) empowers Botswana Railways trains to haul freight beyond Plumtree, extending all the way to Bulawayo. Parallel agreements with South Africa’s Transnet Freight Rail herald a new era, allowing Botswana Railways trains to transport freight to Krugersdorp, a mining city northwest of Johannesburg.

The reinvigoration of passenger train services and the broadening of freight transport signal a meticulously crafted vision for Botswana’s railways. The overarching goal is to augment regional connectivity, stimulate trade, and contribute substantively to the nation’s overall economic development, forging stronger bonds with neighboring partners.


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