Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Psychologist brings hope amid Covid-19 despair

The Novel Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 has affected many people at personal level and even organizational level.

This has called for the need of counseling services and Thandie Malebang has positioned herself to provide such despite the challenges.

A rise in retrenchment at work places, gender-based violence in homesteads and anxiety has been noted among many other devastations brought by the pandemic.

Malebang, who is a psychological counselor and a life coach, has seen it fit to use her motivational skills to comfort those who are having a hard time. Just recently, she received a special invitation to South Africa as an essential service provider to give comfort and hope to both individuals and organizations affected by coronavirus.

“I went to South Africa because I received an invitation and because there was a need for me to do so. I showed the letter to the ministry of health. I was given a cover letter which was a permit for me to cross to South Africa as an essential service provider.” she explained.

In her short stay in South Africa in the latter days of the month of October, she addressed private companies, health care providers, radio stations, bitcoin miners and even churches. She received an invitation to MAMS Mall Radio, Giant Radio, Gain Radio and Live Base Radio where she addressed gender-based violence and stress among other issues.

To Malebang, her services are not limited to a specific audience. Her wish is to use her motivational skills to a wide spectrum of people wherever there is a need. She aims to impact people’s lives and to see a change in mindset at individual level.

“My main mission is to impact and to empower society and my generation. My goal is to see lives transformed, impacted and improved. I want to see a change of mindset, change of heart and change of perception about life. I want people to see that there is another side of the coin that they have not assessed. I want people to know there is still hope. In situations that seem hopeless and impossible, I want them to know they can still believe again, trust again, achieve again and dream again.”

She has stressed gender-based violence as her main issue of concern at the moment. She encourages women, both young and old, to arise and be independent so they do not have to rely on men for provision. She believes if a woman is found to be responsible, accountable and independent, it becomes hard for any man to abuse them because they are aware that they do not have a grip on the woman.

“Let us say no to gender-based violence. Let us not only say no verbally but with our actions also. May we be people who are action oriented because action is the main ingredient in the recipe for change.” Malebang advises.

Despite the mandatory quarantine required of her and other Covid-19 procedures she has to follow, Malebang is not discouraged. She continues to provide services whenever the need arises.

Her belief is that everyone makes time for what is important to them. She says when one says they do not have time for something, it is just another way of saying they do not want to do it. Since she returned to Botswana about a week ago, she has already started making appearances on the national television station and radio stations.


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